Version 3.0 Available!

Version 3.0 of Virtual Belfry is complete and available for download. This is a major release with a new user interface and many new features, including simulator capability and various animated graphical displays designed specifically to help with teaching and individual practice.

This website is in the process of being updated to describe the features of the new version. In the meantime the screen shots on this page show you something of the program's capabilities, and you can visit the following pages:

The program requires a PC running Windows XP or later. It works well on a Windows 8.1 tablet computer with touch-screen capability.

Other Screen Shots

Bells Window (high-resolution animated photographic images of bells):

Ropes Window (with flashes as ropesight aids):

Striking Window (histogram, shown after ringing finishes):

History Window (touches rung during a session, or saved touches):